Cindy's favorite resources:
Differentiating Instruction in the Regular Classroom: How to Reach and Teach All
Learners, Grades 3-12, by Diane Heacox, Ed. D.

Differentiation:  From Planning to Practice, Grades 6-12, by Rick Wormeli. 
Teacher ppt.

Applying Differentiation Strategies, by Christi Parker.

Flexible Grouping:  There are many ways to group students for instruction.  These
groups should change often depending on the needs of your students.  For working in
pairs, Clock Partners (younger students) or Appointment Calendars (older students) work
really well.  Pairs of students sign each other's clock/appointment calendar on the same
time.  When the teacher says, "Get with your 2:00 appointment," the students check their
clock/calendar and get with the student whose name is written by that time.

Multiple Intelligences:  Determining how students learn is an important part of DI.  More
information on multiple intelligences is available on this website.

Blooms Taxonomy:  This is an excellent resource to help you create lessons of greater
complexity and challenge for your students as you plan for differentiation.
Bloom's Wheel 1   Blooms Wheel 2     Blooms Wheel 3    Bloom's Wheel 4   Revised Blooms

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