NOVEL PROJECTS/ACTIVITIES:  The following websites have numerous projects/activities you can complete for any novel you have read this six weeks.  Choose one (or more than one) that most appeals to you as it relates to your novel.  The more extensive the project/activity, the more extra credit you get.

Better Book Reports--25 Ideas!
10 Book Report Alternatives
Teachnet's Book Report Alternatives
Kathy Marie's Book Report Alternatives
Ann Arvidson's Book Report Alternatives
Grab Bag Book Report
Personal Responses to Novels
More Responses to Novels
Book Report Recipes
Mini-Flap Chart Book Reports
More Novel Ideas

CC (CLOSED CAPTIONED) TV:  You're going to watch TV anyway, so you might as well get credit for it!  Simply ask Mrs. Blevins for a CCTV form to record what you watch.  You may also record it on your own paper.  Here's what you need:  date, time of show (example: 7:00pm--7:30pm), title of show, and parent signature verifying you watched the show WITH NO VOLUME (To get the optimal reading benefits, you need to read it without relying on your sense of hearing!).  Return your form to Mrs. Blevins at the end of each six weeks.  Just like with the novel projects, the move CCTV shows you record, the more credit you get.  You might have to play with your TV in order to figure out how the CC works--all TV's are different.  Some have it on the "menu" on the TV or on the remote, while others have it directly on the remote.

POST-IT NOTE COMPREHENSION --Ask Mrs. Blevins for some post-it notes.  Everytime you finish reading a section, **list the main parts of what you read on the post-it note and stick it to the page on which you stopped reading.  The next time you pick up your book to read, read over your last note to refresh your memory about what you just read.  Read another section and repeat from**.  Continue doing this until you finish the book.  Then take out the post-it notes and stick them on a sheet of notebook paper where you record the title and author of your book.  Turn in this sheet to Mrs. Blevins for extra credit!


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