Exceptional Training for New Pilots

Congratulations on your decision to learn to fly!  We recognize you have many options in selecting an instructor for your training needs.  We are honored you are considering Blevins Enterprises.

We work digilently to offer the best instruction and outstanding training aircraft at reasonable prices.  We also want to be upfront and honest about the cost.  While detailed below, we recommend most students plan on spending between $9000 and $10,000 to obtain a private pilot's license.

That said, it takes the "average" pilot 60 to 65 hours to obtain the private pilot's license.  Our students usually beat that average by a few hours.  However, your individual success will primarily be based on your frequency of instruction (the more weekly lessons the better) and your personaly learning habits.  

The first step in obtaining the private pilot's license is to "solo."  This process involves mastering 17 required skills.  The most difficult of these is landing the aircraft.  It usually takes about 40-50 attempts before a beginning pilot learns to master all the necessary elements to guide the aircraft to a soft/safe runway landing in all types of conditions. 

Once you have soloed, you are able to fly and practice on 
your own.  This rewarding time is fun as you take the 
controls of the aircraft without an instructor present.

While working on maneuvers as part of your solo work, you 
will continue to receive dual instruction on IFR emergencies, 
maximum performance takeoffs and landings, night flying, 
and cross country flying.  Cross country flying is terrifi fun 
because now you actually get to go places!  

After a mock checkride, you will be ready to meet the FAA examiner and take your checkride.  Once passed your a private pilot!  At that point you can fly family and friends!!


Aviation is expensive.  We recognize that, but also want to honest about the cost involved.  While the FAA regulations only require 40 hours to achieve the private pilot license, few students can accomplish that goal in that amount of time.  The national average is 55 hours.  We price our course with the average.  However, you only pay for hours flown.  The following is a breakdown of anticipated cost using a late-model 172.  

Aircraft Rental = $160 per hour with fuel.  You will need 55 hours on average for a cost of $8800. 

Aircraft Fuel = Included.

Flight Instruction Fees = $50 per hour air and ground.  Some of your flying will be solo work, but those dual hours needed will average 50 hours for a cost of $2500.

Books, Supplies, Materials = $300 for the ground 
study course, $100 for other supplies and charts

FAA Checkride = $400

TOTAL FEES = $12,100 for 55 hours.  
Less if you require less total time, more if the 
number of hours needed exceeds 55 hours total.

A hold harmless/liability release form will be required flight instruction waiver.  

Available on request

Ron Blevins, CFI, CFII
Box 7496
Abilene, TX 79608


Ron Blevins is a Commercial Pilot with CFI and CFII ratings.  His total time exceeds 2000 hours with more than 1000 hours of teaching experience.  Ron's has signed off numerous students for private pilot FAA checkrides.  His passing rate is outstanding.  

Ron trains to "proficiency."  This means you will master each of the 17 required skills prior to solo.  Once that phase is completed (usually in 20-25 hours), the final skills needed to pass the FAA checkride (IFR hood work, night flying, all cross country work) can usually be accomplished quickly.  
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