Weekend Training for the Flat-land Pilot
FAA-Sanctioned and Approved Course for WINGS certification

From peaks exceeding 14,000 feet to canyons less than ¼ mile across, northern New Mexico and Colorado have some of the most challenging flying terrain in the country.  However, flying to this part of the country offers up the best scenery anywhere.  Properly enjoying this potential experience will require some changes in the way flying is approached.  This course is about teaching those concepts to flat-land pilots.    

Ron has landed at most major airports in the state and has vast knowledge of passes, routings through the mountains, and other unique hints about flying the highest mountains in the continental USA!  Curriculum used will be based on Sparky Imeson's materials.  These are the best available and go into great detail about mountain flying.

This entire course is designed to assist pilots living outside
mountainous areas.  It is for the purpose of helping the
occasional mountain pilot make the best decisions possible
related to mountain flying and to safely navigate the most
beautiful scenery imaginable.

This is not a bush pilot course.  We do not teach dirt/grass
landings, aggressive canyon running techniques, mountain
survival, etc.  There are other courses designed for this
type of flying.  Again, our goal is to increase confidence 
and piloting technique of the occasional mountain flyer who 
wishes to travel to the southern Rockies.  

This course can most certainly qualify for a bi-annual flight review.  If the student has other flight instruction needs these can also be addressed.  For example, flights in route between Texas and the foothills can be used for IFR refresher training if desired.  If needed, crosswind techniques can be reviewed as wind conditions permit.  However, the primary goal of this course is VFR mountain flying.  

We recommend you consider taking this course in an aircraft of at least 180hp or more with a ceiling of at least 15,000 feet.  This helps insure your safety in mountain flying operations.           

A hold harmless/liability release form will be required flight instruction waiver.  In addition, the student will be expected to sign the mountain flight instruction disclaimer form.

Here are the accomplishments possible in your personalized two-day mountain flying course:

1.12-14 hours of logged PIC cross-country time
2.12-14 hours of logged high performance/complex 
3.2 hours logged night flying time (seasonal)
4.2 hours (minimum) of ground instruction in 
mountain flying technique
5.Class B flight exposure if desired
6.Instrument proficiency check if desired
7.Bi-annual if desired
8.FAA Wings Certification if desired
9.Multiple take-offs and landings
10.      Assorted instrument approaches if desired

Your two-day mountain training event will take you through Cimarron Canyon to Angel Fire; over the pass to Taos; up the San Luis Valley and over the Continental Divide to Gunnison; back over the divide to the highest airport in the nation at Leadville; down the Arkansas River Valley past the Royal Gorge to Pueblo.  Flying time in route between Dallas and the mountains will be spent in Garmin familiarization work and instrument training review as desired.  In addition, you will receive ground instruction on mountain flying techniques.  Outside of flying activities, plan on “better than average” dining as well as an optional afternoon of exploring the high mountains around Gunnison, CO.   

Click here for the standard itinerary

FEE:  $900.  This fee includes instructional cost only.  While reservations, etc. can be arranged by Blevins Enterprises, all expenses are the responsibility of the student.  These would include:  aircraft fees, fuel, lodging, rentals, food, sightseeting (if desired) and all taxes.  Routes designed to go to alternate destinations of your choice are possible.  Additional fees are required if the student desires a longer (more than 2 days) series of lessons.

Available on request

Few flying experiences match the excitement and sheer beauty of mountain flying!  

Ron Blevins, CFI, CFII
Box 7496
Abilene, TX 79608


Ron Blevins is a Commercial Pilot with CFI and CFII ratings.  His total time exceeds 2000 hours with more than 1000 hours of teaching experience.  Ron's mountain flying course is an FAA sanctioned, and approved, course for use in the WINGS program, meeting the qualifications of AC 61-91 and FAR 61.56.

Since becoming a pilot in 1998, Ron has made numerous trips to Northern New Mexico and Colorado at all times of the year.  Not only will your experience be educational, but Ron's extensive knowledge of these areas of the country will be useful for future family travels, trips, or other needs you may have.
Spanish Peaks in south central Colorado from 11,500 feet.

14,069 foot Culebra Peak in the Sangre De Cristo Range of southern Colorado.
It is assumed this course will originate and end in the Abilene area.  If the student resides outside this area he/she will be expected to come to Abilene prior to the beginning of the course.  Then too, time must be allowed to return home after instruction ends late Saturday.  

The student is expected to read all required materials prior to the departure.  This will consist of Sparky Imeson's book Mountain Flying Bible (provided in course fees).  The student should plan to spend all non-sleeping moments in the educational process.  Business matters and family matters should be left at home as much as possible.  
West side of Dallas Divide in southwestern Colorado from 10,000 feet.
Summer storm over western New Mexico from 11,500 feet.
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