Depending on your needs, this course will begin with a detailed photography ground school and will assume the usage of a high quality digital SLR camera.  Discussions may include:

1.  Aircraft photography platforms (safety briefings, shooting through glass, managing vibrations, aircraft communications)

2.  Lens selection (types of lenses best used for aerial photography)

3.  Camera operations (shutter speeds, F/stops, filteration effects, ISO settings, etc.)

4.  Editing processes          


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As much as we are aware, this is the only program of its kind in the world!  This is not flight instruction.  It is not air-to-air photography where you are photographing other aircraft in flight (that is highly specialized and dangerous).  It is not even primarly air-to-ground photography (although we can certainly accomodate this too!).  Our primary goal is best thought of as "weather chasing in the sky."  
Aerial Weather Photography Instruction
Unique Photography Training

A hold harmless/liability release form will be required.  

Available on request

Ron Blevins, CFI, CFII
Box 7496
Abilene, TX 79608

Once the ground school is complete, it's time to fly!

Your flights will always depart and return to the airport of departure.  Flight lengths will vary depending on how far you, the client, wish to fly that day in pursuit of aerial weather photographs.  Most flights will likely be three hours or less.  But, multiple flights accross several days are possible.

Blevins Enterprises is also able to assist you in specialized aerial photography such as taking you to locations to photograph ground items of interest (farms and ranches, commercial real estate, rivers and lakes, etc.)  We can also arrange for night flights and night photography such as Christmas lights.  

Cost will depend on several variables.  To begin, the more people participating in a single seminar the less it costs each person.  Ground school is just as easy with two as it is with one and the airplane itself costs the same to operate with two on board as it does with a full load of people on board.    

Therefore, the costs below are per class regardless of whether or not there is one or up to three people participating.

Ground School - $75 per hour with a one hour minimum (our initial recommendation is two hours)
Flights - $250 per hour with a one hour minimum (most flights are 2 - 3 hours total)
Camera Equipment - $40 per day to lease our beautiful Nikon D600 and Nikon Vibration-Reduction equipped lenses.

All fees payable up front based on the anticipated ground and flight times.