RUBRIC (grades 6-7)--adapted from the TEA TAKS writing rubric for use in student self-assessment of their writing.

TAKS WRITING TIPS from the TEA TAKS Study Guide--this is "straight from the horses mouth."  Use it to guide your instruction.

WRITING RECORD--writing should be on-going.  Have students keep track of daily writing using this form and just adding the date to what they do each day or write the title/date when they start a new piece.  Make sure they keep all writing--don't let them throw away anything!  Occasionally, have them select something they wrote in the past to revise or edit.  They are much more likely to do a better job editing or revising on a piece they haven't read in a while!

STEPS IN WRITING--this chart incorporates the six traits of writing with the writing process.  If your school has a poster machine, it is great to blow up and hang in the classroom.  Since different steps require color-coding, the four-color BIC pens are always great to add to your school supply list!  Color-coding is great for the student and teacher to see what has been done and who has done it.  It makes grading portions of a paper much easier for the teacher.  You might say after having the students revise several papers, "Tomorrow I'm grading green.  Select the paper you feel best reflects your revising ability.  You might feel you need to do a little more revising.  Just make sure to have it done by tomorrow."

READING LIKE A WRITER--This is great to use with your students with reading assignments. 

SIX TRAITS --click here to find activities for teaching the six traits of writing.
for Secondary ELA Teachers
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