SCRIPTUE REFLECTIONS -- A series of relaxing original compositions with distinctive harmonies and transitions. 

Background:  Composed at the encouragement of my wife,
Cindy, these compositions were penned over a period of a year. 
The cover photograph was made on a summer afternoon in the
summer of 2002 at Alta Lakes, south of Telluride, Colorado,
using a Leica R7 camera and a 35mm lens set a maximum
hyperfocal distance to keep both the fireweed in the foreground
and the clouds in the background in focus.

Links below provide audio sampling

Psalm 87:7
Ecclesiastes 3:1
Psalm 37:25
Hosea 6:3
Philippians 3:14
Habakkuk 2:3
Isaiah 40:31
Hebrews 12:1

SCRIPTURE REFLECTIONS -- Each of these original compositions are designed to be musical reflections of their scriptural titles.  My inspiration is Psalm 87:7.  It is my hope that all your "springs of joy" can be in the Lord.

Other recordings are available.

For piano worship leadership, concerts, or other special events; please contact BLEVINS ENTERPRISES.  Ron would be honored to assist in whatever way possible.

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SCRIPTURE REFLECTIONS available for $12.99 plus tax/shipping.  To purchase, contact Blevins Enterprises.