COLORS OF GRACE -- A set of dramatic compositions designed to be musical impressions of their titles and Biblical references to the subject of "grace."   

Background:  Composed over a two-year period, each of these
compositions are the most technically demanding, harmonically
bold, and dramatically inspiring of any work by this musician.  The
recording was done in the home of Ron Blevins on his personal
Yamaha S400 piano.  Each song was recorded in a single take
with no editing.  The cover photograph was made in late-September
of 2004 in the northern city limits of Silverton, Colorado, using a
Leica R7 camera and a 35mm lens.

Links below provide audio sampling

Blessing:  John 1:16
Strength:  II Timothy 2:1
Kindness:  Ephesians 2:7
Salvation:  Titus 2:11
Sufficiency:  II Corinthians 12:9
Encouragement:  II Thessalonians 2:16
Hope:  Romans 5:2
Mercy:  Hebrews 4:16

COLORS OF GRACE -- Inspired by a sermon by my father, Dr. Stan Blevins, entitled "Multi-Colored Grace," these compositions are written to reflect a characteristic (or color) of grace.  God provides a matching "color" of grace for every trial in life.  I Peter 4:10.

Special Note:  Unlike the other recordings, Colors of Grace was recorded in the home as opposed to a multi-million dollar studio setting.  Piano sounds and overtones are pure and unedited.  In addition, the brighter sounds of the Yamaha (as opposed to the more mellow sounds of the Steinways) make the tones on this album unique. 

Other recordings are available.

For piano worship leadership, concerts, or other special events; please contact BLEVINS ENTERPRISES.  Ron would be honored to assist in whatever way possible.

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COLORS OF GRACE available for $12.99 plus tax/shipping.  To purchase, contact Blevins Enterprises.