Dr. Blevins has been blessed with a special ability in playing the piano.  His highest privilege is to play on behalf of Jesus Christ in various worship settings.   In addition, his music is available on CD.   

Ron has released five albums of solo piano music.  Each is unique in its focus and style.  It is hoped, with each album, the listener will be drawn into a genuine worship experience.  In fact, each album has been combined with a unique worship outline for use in the local church.  These worship experiences have proven to be unusually successful. 

IN HIS PRESENCE -- Ron's first abum consisting of both hymn 
favorites and classic choruses. This set comes at a premium 
because of the copyrights necessary to secure the ability to 
utilize these particular tunes.  This is the rarest of Ron's albums 
and quantities are limited.

INSPIRATIONAL IMAGES -- A second ablum of hymn 
arrangements.  The style of this set is more classical in 
nature than IN HIS PRESENCE consisting of fugues and 
other melodies borrowed from centuries old collections.

SIMPLY CHRISTMAS -- All your favorite Christmas carols 
arranged with unique harmonies and transitions.

SCRIPTURE REFLECTIONS -- An album of all original 
compositions based on Scriptural verse titles.  This has been 
the most popular album released.

COLORS OF GRACE -- Ron's latest set of original compositions 
with titles based The subject of "grace" with accompanying 
Scripture references.  These creations are designed to be more 
technically demanding.  Plan to be amazed by the excitement in 
each of these compositions.  Each piece was recorded in a single 
(non-stop) take.  

For piano worship leadership, concerts, or other special events; please contact BLEVINS ENTERPRISES.  Ron would be honored to assist in whatever way possible.

Dr. Ronald Blevins, and Cynthia Blevins
Box 7496
Abilene, TX 79608

The photograph in the upper right corner is Ron's personal Yamaha S400 (used in the recording of "Colors of Grace"). 

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