HOME  This website began as a result of some inservice training Cindy 
Blevins was selected to attend back in 2000.  It was originally and set up for the middle school students she 
taught along with their parents.  When Cindy accepted a position as 
Instructional Support Teacher for Middle School ELA teachers in 
Garland ISD (Dallas, TX area), the website became more of a 
resource for teachers.  
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CONSULTING   Cindy has been doing teacher training since 1988. She has presented information for preschool, elementary, middle school, and high schools teachers, for entire schools, and for a variety of organizations.  While Cindy specializes in reading and writing, she has taught/presented information for all subject areas.  She has many ideas to share and a passion for sharing that information.  If you need someone to speak or help with curriculum, give Cindy a call.  She will be more than willing to work with you on all your educational needs. 
TAKS   If you teach in Texas or have a child in a Texas school, you are very familiar with TAKS, the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills.  The state curriculum is called TEKS, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.  TAKS are the specific TEKS that are tested.  While there are no perfect state tests, Cindy believes the TAKS test is far better than any test Texas has had in the past.  While many teachers and schools continue to do "drill and kill" in preparation for the test, it was never designed for this.  It was designed to encourage teachers to implement "Best Teaching Practices."  Cindy tested this the first year of the test when it did not really count.  It was the best year of teaching she ever had, and all of her students did well--even her special education/ESL students!  

Not only are the resources in this section written and tested by a teacher, but they were designed from extensive TAKS analysis.  Cindy worked with Dr. John Crain in analyzing every question on the 2003 released reading tests.  Since then, Cindy goes back each year to analyze the most recent tests and update her resources.

You will not be disappointed in this section.  Even if you teach in another state, you should be able to find information to help your students become better readers and writers.
PARENTS   In this section, Cindy has included information for parents.  You will find her suggestions for helping your child become a better reader and writer as well as a number of great websites for parents.
STUDENTS   This part of the website contains Cindy's favorite sites for middle school students.  Once again, upper elementary and high schools students will also find much of this information beneficial.
TEACHERS  This part of the website has a wealth of tools specifically designed for middle school reading and English teachers.  Most of these links, however, can be just as beneficial for elementary and high school teachers.
BLEVINS BIO  Here you will find information about Cindy.  You can also read about Ron on the other sections of BLEVINS ENTERPRISES.  Each bio is a little different depending on the section.
BLEVINS ENTERPRISES was born when Cindy's husband, Ron, decided he wanted a website.  It was more cost effective to have one website instead of two seperate ones.
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