Our niche is the piston market overlooked by many agencies.  Our fees are some of the lowest in the business.  But you will find our customer service and knowledge of the market to be first rate. Contact us a call to personally discuss your aviation buying and aviation selling needs.  


While certaily capable and willing to instruct pilots from the student through CFI, we have chosen to concentrate on three specalities:

PRIMARY INSTRUCTION -- Come experience the joy of flight!  Learning to fly is an incredibly rewarding experience and, ultimately, very useful.  We teach using our wonderfully equipped but reasonably priced aircraft, or we can instruct you in your aircraft.  Call us for an introductory flight!

MOUNTAIN INSTRUCTION -- It may seem strange to live in Texas and offer a concentrated course in mountain flying.  However, experience has shown that many flat-land pilots have a desire to fly to the mountains.  Some potential mountain flyers have business needs in the Rockies, but most want to fly, with close family and friends, for recreational purposes.  Whether it is to access a summer home or a favorite fishing hole, Blevins Enterprises' Mountain Flying Course is designed to enhance the knowledge and safety of the occasional mountain flyer.  FAA sanctioned and approved for WINGS certification. 

The course is flexible in routes and scope.  It can be scheduled at any time during the year -- weather permitting of course.  Flying in the Rockies is exhilerating experience!  Enhance your confidence and skills by training with Blevins Enterprises.    

IFR INSTRUCTION -- Without an instrument rating a pilot is totally at the mercy of the weather.  In instrument rating helps maintain some hope of getting where you want to go on a schedule. Weather delays become far less common.  Confidence is enhanced.  And statistically, flying becomes safer.

The rating is not easy but it is well worth the investment in time, energy, and resource if the pilot is serious about using an aircraft as a means of moving about the country.  

AERIAL WEATHER PHOTOGRAPHY -- Are you a photographer looking for something very unique to photograph?  How about cloud formations and weather events from the platform of an airplane?  Some spectactular images are possible from an aircraft.  Whether or not your interest is weather, ground images, or commercial photography, Blevins Enterprises can assist you. 


While many companies offer services in turbine powered aircraft. our specialty is piston aircraft management services.  We seek to assist the owner in multiple areas to include:

Revenue Generating Activities - lease and rental revenue generating operations
Maintenance Activities - ferry operations, maintenance scheduling, etc.

Fees are very reasonable, especially since this is a unique service area with limited competition.

Ron Blevins, CFI, CFII
Box 7496
Abilene, TX 79608

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Specializing In Piston-Engine Aircraft Buying and Selling,
Mountain Fight, and IFR, Instruction